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Ida Robinson

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Ida Robinson, a Bestselling Author, Speaker, Success Strategist, Philanthropist and CEO & Founder of Mom N’ Powerment. 

As a Success Strategist, Ida help community leaders, and mom's in business to explore their beliefs and break through the mental blocks that can affect their ability to market their businesses online and offline.

She is an advocate of empowering "BOSS MOMS" to stop playing small and show up in their businesses while being active parents. She also Inspires Young Moms to Dream Big and "Write" the Vision. 

Her unique approach boosts and stimulates moms in business to take strategic action to increase their visibility and be more profitable in their businesses and more active in their communities.

As a mom in business, She has plenty of experience navigating the mental blocks that parenthood and other limiting beliefs can place on businesswomen ready to succeed. With her compelling personal story of putting her success on the back burner to raise her children, She has been inspired to narrow her market to moms in business.

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