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Karen McConnell-Jones

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Karen McConnell-Jones is a Self-Made Entrepreneur and in her earlier years she was the first African-American full-service upscale Salon/Day Spa located in prestigious downtown Washington, D.C., two blocks from the White House. Ms. McConnell-Jones is now the CEO & President of Class Act Productions, LLC a community-based company, serving Prince George’s County, Maryland and the surrounding Washington Metropolitan area. Our mission is to effectively support our community through media, business development, networking, image consulting, training, human development, and event productions.

In her Entrepreneurial spirit, Ms. McConnell-Jones is also the President & Founder of the Class Act Speakers Bureau, President & Founder of Urban Style Media, and Vice Chair & Chief of Staff of Virtual Village Community District, she’s a Business/Purpose Coach and now promising to start her own Non-profit organization (Great Consciousness).

Ms. McConnell-Jones is grateful for her workshops and training she has conducted nationally and internationally, which has allowed her to be more purposeful in her work and work that still needs to be done. Ms. McConnell-Jones with the help of collaborative partners has raised over $100,000.00 for different charities of choice. Past recipients include the American Lung Association, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, American Diabetes Association, AIDS Awareness, SOME Homeless Shelters and more recent Community Connections Behavior Health and Prestige Mental Healthcare.

Ms. McConnell-Jones has been awarded a Class Act Proclamation by District of Columbia City Council Resolution, the District of Columbia Department of Health Community Service Award, Sattiewhite Training Productions Customer Service Award, Black Wall Street Award, nominated for County Executive Award, several Proclamations from the government of Prince George’s County, Maryland, and most recent an Honorary Doctorate Degree (D.H.L.)

“I truly believe in order to receive a blessing you must first be a blessing. This is the true mission in life” said Ms. McConnell-Jones.

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