Linette Howard

Linette 2_edited.jpg

Linette is a very passionate and highly professional, skilled makeup artist based in Washington, D.C. She is a non-traditional self-taught artist, who believes in enhancing the natural beauty that you already possess while adding a splash of color!

Her love for the art of makeup started at a young age while she worked at Sephora on M street, in Washington D.C. and although she was a skincare professional, her passion, curiosity and absolute joy for the artistry soon blossomed into a career as a Freelance makeup artist.

She spent the first few years as a freelance artist, refining her skills, obtaining pertinent knowledge of the industry and broadening her makeup skillset through trial and error.

Today, Linette has arrived on the scene as DMV's new Rogue artist, representing Extreme Beauty Studio where their belief is "Natural Beauty Is What You Are Born With, Extreme Beauty Is What I Create".