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Dorthea L. Crenshaw  is a Clinical Social Worker licensed in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.  Her Fields of Practice are Behavioral Health, Family and Child Welfare, and Gerontology.  Dorthea was educated at Georgetown University, The Catholic University of America, Howard University and Wesley Theological Seminary.  For the past 18 years of her Social Work practice, she has specialized in integrating spirituality into the client treatment process.  She currently practices as psychotherapist at the Maryland Health Alliance in Greenbelt, Maryland, where she sees clients in their homes, and in her office.


Dorthea is also a seminary-trained Licensed Minister, whose ministry focus is Pastoral Care and Counseling.   She is a singer, pianist and song-writer, whose body of worship songs entitled, Jesus You Are, is listed in the Library of Congress.  She has authored a book, God Still Speaks Through An Ass, about the experience of becoming a Minister, which will be published in the coming months.   Dorthea has earned numerous awards for her work throughout her career.

Dorthea L. Crenshaw

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