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Chanay Robinson

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Chanay R. Robinson is a Professional Credit Repair Specialist. Her current financial series entitled, “Money Mindset Mastery” helps focused professionals unlock their dreams by restoring their credit.

When Chanay isn’t spreading the word of how important credit is to not only obtain it, but more importantly how important it is to maintain it, she is spending time with her 2 children and 2 grandchildren – just enjoying all that life has to offer. She is currently participating in a book anthology project entitled, “Women Inspiring Nations 2”, she is a co-host on the “Let’s Do It” radio talk show – airing this October, she is working on 2 Credit Tips Books and a Financial Literacy Workshop titled “Money Mindset Mastery: Maintaining Excellent Credit”, which is also the title of her soon to be released eBook.


You can reach Chanay via email at You can also follow her via her Facebook Business Page at ProfessionalCreditDiva and on Instagram at ProfessionalCreditDiva, where she constantly delivers valuable information on ways to improve your Financial Wellness!

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