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Elissa Mitchell

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Author, Food Guru, and Health Expert


Elissa Mitchell, originally from Jamaica West Indies resides in Florida. She is a mother to five amazing children and her dog, Flash. Elissa has been in the nursing field for over 20 years where she was blessed with working with children suffering from cancer. Her care for the patients moved her to the education of nutrition, health and wellness. While in the Health Industry, her passion increased during the time she wrote her first two books in an effort to continue elevating the lives of individuals. Her most recent project in the works is the third book You have no Idea. The book is focused on how she overcame many challenges in her life to have the success that she has today with other 20 other co-authors. She is currently working on her 4th book based on men and women in relationships; as well as her new cookbook.


Elissa brings years of experience to Housing The Homeless through her laser focus on creating a healthier society. She is a highly respected speaker and educator on nutrition and preventative diet concepts within her community. In her “downtime” she runs a small business where she works with moms, corporate clients, and physicians in meal preparation and meal delivery. Her business concept also consists of a push toward an overall lifestyle change by making healthier choices in food options, while implementing a detailed fitness routine.


Elissa Mitchell’s passion for health and helping others continues in her work with Housing the Homeless. She is excited to share her knowledge with those in need of health and wellness.

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