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Veronica Burnett is a Speaker & Advocate for Healthy Relationships and the creator of the Better Days Conference.   She is a certified dressmaker and loves all things fashionable. In addition to being a dressmaker, she is also a Financial Services Specialist with Stewart Financial Services in Greenbelt, MD.  She believes that healthy relationships of all kinds are important to live a balanced life. She also believes that having multiple streams of income and entrepreneurship are two important keys to financial freedom.  

After experiencing domestic violence in different relationships throughout her life, Veronica chose to fight back, change paths and embrace her new normalcy; the life of a survivor.  She didn’t stop with her own life recovery, she chose to follow God’s instructions for her to share her story with others. She knew that if she was experiencing life, then others were too.  She chose to reach back and help other women who have experienced traumatic life events and are ready to begin living again.

Veronica is the proud mother of an awesome and amazing little girl who is her best gift ever.

Her mission in life is to Educate, Empower and Encourage others to live their best lives, TODAY.

Veronica Burnett

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