Desiree Lee

Desiree Lee

From her Bestselling Book. “Inmate 1142980: The Desiree Lee Story”; Ms.  Desiree Lee, a single mother, knows firsthand about failure, rejection, and feeling alone throughout the process of becoming a published author and beginning a business.


Tired of seeing this cycle of fear being repeated among individuals within the publishing industry, Ms. Lee had an Ah-ha idea that led to the start of Authors In Business (AIBNATION). A solution driven community for aspiring and published authors working together and moving as one around the world.


Leaving no author behind, Ms. Lee has been seen sharing her expertise during partnerships and collaborations with the United States Attorney’s Office of Georgia, Fulton and Dekalb County District Attorney’s Office, the Georgia Public School System. Also, her impact can be heard in the featured film “Released” and the upcoming film, “Pass The Mustard Seed”.  


She approaches every opportunity and audience with this in mind… “To prevent others from experiencing similar hardships that she has endured, lend a helping hand to those who are currently in limited circumstances, and to show others that NOTHING is impossible when you believe.


“It’s NEVER too late to become what you could have been and imagine what you could become that inspires the world forever!” -DLee