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Damon Decker


Damon has a unique eye and view of the world. D3D Photography and Video aims to take that uniqueness and couple it with the vision of the client to create moments and memories that will surely take the individual back to that memory in time where nothing else mattered but that moment!

D3D is not one of the every day, one stop shops for pictures. D3D will not come to the shoot to take your picture. D3D will arrive with a passion to tell a story- YOUR STORY! “Your Stories My Inspirations”

-Damon Decker

While working on a project, Damon met Janice Johnson. Miss Johnson is a business education teacher at Loudon County High School. Janice also, is a partner in K’s Catering and has experienced the life of a business owner. With her knowledge and experience running a business, the two began to develop D3D into a brand that would quickly become recognized more and more around the immediate community. With Janice taking reigns of the behind the scenes operations of D3D, Damon was left to engulf himself in the passion behind the lens.


For so long, Damon had worked and prided himself on being a professional that “thinks outside the box”. As Damon and Janice continue to put the pieces of his dream to action, Damon has realized more and more that “there is no box, the lines have been erased and operations continue without boundaries”

Damon continues to educate himself. He recognizes the profession changes with the wind and D3D works to ride the breeze! Damon is personable, fun and humorous. Your project with D3D will, without a question, be professional but Damon will have you feel as though your friend or family member is on the other side of the lens capturing a moment in your life where nothing matters but immortalizing the memories!

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