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JaVaughna Bevel

JaVaughna Bevel.jpg

“Good leaders show up, phenomenal leaders show out!”


JaVaughna Bevel is a certified leadership and life coach, best- selling author and speaker. She is also the CEO and Founder of A Leading Way. Her company’s focus is on people-centered leadership that profits. She teaches leaders to operate in their success zone by providing the framework for building meaningful relationships, managing successful teams and creating engaging cultures.


With over 12 years of experience leading and serving others, JaVaughna is passionate about what she does. By using her experience, expertise, and education to create a platform for women in business and a guide for empathetic leadership, Ms. Bevel is making a way for the next generation of purposeful, positive and compassionate leaders to emerge. She is a leader committed to change and advocates tirelessly for people-centered leadership and women’s workplace equality.


While pursuing her passion, JaVaughna noticed an unpopular trend- women being a scarcity among senior leaders. That’s when she decided to dedicate her platform to shift the narrative from women being underrepresented in leadership to dominating as CEO’s and top-level executives. She developed a premier coaching program that empowers women to go from overlooked leaders with unspoken dreams to the penthouse office with a view of the city. She shows ambitious businesswomen how to amplify their value, strengthen their position and confidently use their voice to take control of their success.


Her book “The Girl Boss Guide to Greatness: Be the Leader of Your Dreams” is a clear example of her dedication and commitment to helping women navigate the complexity of business and life to come out on top each and every time.

As a mother of 4, building her legacy, JaVaughna refuses to let women remain afraid of conquering success. Her eagerness to see other women reach their true potential is a driving force for her own success story. She is always prepared to address the misconception that women are not equipped or qualified to be “The person in charge” and she’s never too busy to inspire another woman to walk into her greatness!

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