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Sheniqua Johnson

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“For many are called, but few are chosen”. ~Matthew 22:14 KIV


What started out as a simple career choice transformed into a life defining purpose and pathway for Sheniqua Johnson. Trained as a Registered Nurse 17 years ago, Sheniqua’s career has evolved into her life’s passion. Dedicated to helping and caring for others, Sheniqua has broaden her horizons to find innovative ways to bring caring to the community she serves. She is the owner of A Better U, LLC where she serves as a Health Coach/Life Coach helping people gain better control over their mental, physical, and spiritual health. Sheniqua empowers and motivates her clients to be their best selves by helping them shine the light on their problems, learning to focus on the solution, and creating an effective plan to never go back to the situations that had them bound.

Sheniqua holds a Master’s of Science in Nursing degree with a specialization in Nursing/Healthcare Education from the University of Phoenix. As a dedicated educator, she has trained over 900 Health Coaches.  Her health coaching program gained credibility and has had several news articles giving high accolades for the trends it has created in healthcare. Sheniqua has been featured on NBC News 4 New York, New York University’s Doctors Radio, and Sheen Magazine as a nurse expert and health coach.

Sheniqua is the author of a book titled “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength: How My Faith Moved My Mountains”. In this book, she guides her readers as they take a personal journey of self-discovery to find their inner strength and learn how to move mountain sized obstacles out of their lives. She is also the co-author of books titled “Reach Your Greatness”, “Women Inspiring Nations” and newly released “Black Woman By Birth, Champion By Choice”.


Her passions:

  • Teaching: serves as a health educator; provides Health Coach training

  • Helping others: serves as a Life Coach/Health Coach, providing individualized coaching; serves as a community resource

  • Empowering people: serves as an Empowerment Specialist, Motivational Speaker, & Author

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